About Time to Get Organized

Alison King was born and raised in Montreal. She attended Concordia University and received a Bachelor of Arts. Earlier in her career, Alison was a property manager, and managed a number of large residential apartment building complexes.

Alison has always been actively involved in the community, among other things working as a volunteer coordinator with the Quebec Federation of the Blind for almost 10 years. Then once her children were born, Alison decided to focus her energies on being a full time mother during her childrens’ formative years. It was during this period that Alison realized that she was not as organized as she would like to be, or needed to be. It was at this point that she became very interested in organizing. She visited every website and read every book she could get her hands on. Through this, Alison began to develop her own approach to organizing and tested a number of organizing tips on friends and family. When her children were a little older, Alison returned to school and graduated with honours in Computer Business Applications from the Toronto School of Business in 2000. Alison then worked part time in customer service.

Alison King knows first-hand how to conquer clutter.

She has experienced being emotionally attached to possessions and understands the feeling of being so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to begin. Over the last 16 years, Alison has thoroughly researched the field of organizing. Now she has put her personal experience, coupled with that solid research, into a concrete plan for helping others achieve their goals of organization.

Time to Get Organized was started in November 2004. As Alison said, “I knew that if, as a reasonably organized person I still struggled with keeping my life organized, there were others out there like me. I love helping people see the forest for the trees. I get the most satisfaction out of the most difficult cases. Getting organized can be life changing.”

Alison is an active member of Professional Organizers in Canada and Women Who Excel. Her client base consists of small businesses, stay at home moms, working moms and people who work from home. Anybody who wants to be more productive and efficient and wants peace of mind should give her a call.