August 2005: Back to School

It’s time to think about back to school. I know you are thinking, “But wait – it’s the middle of summer!” I love this time of year! Even though I have been out of school for many years, I still get the urge to go out and buy loose leaf paper and binders and pencils! Let’s make a check list together.

1. Do the kids need clothes for school? Good time to pull out clothes and have the kids try them on to see what they have outgrown and what they will need.

2. Make a list and go shopping for clothes.

3. Do they have back packs, lunch boxes, thermoses from last year or do I need to buy new ones.

4. Do they have school supplies? Lists of what children need for each grade level are available at some of the major office supply stores so you don’t need to wait until September to find out what they need.

5. If kids are bringing lunches to school, get them to list 10 healthy things that they are willing to bring for lunch (sandwich, soup, sushi, cheese and crackers etc.)

6. Ask them to list a few things that they might like to have as treats in their lunch.

7. Check bus schedules and school hours (start and finish) and write them on a blackboard so everyone in the family is clear on everyone else’s schedule.

8. Write down work and neighbours’ telephone numbers in a visible spot so when kids come home from school and need to reach you or someone, they can.

9. Write down half days and P.A. days on the calendar so you can plan in advance who will stay at home with the kids. It’s a lot easier to make these arrangements weeks or months in advance than it is the morning of.

10. Set up a message centre in your home (kitchen is an ideal place) where kids know to leave notices, permission slips etc. so you will see and deal with them daily.

Being prepared is half the battle. Thinking about this now will alleviate a lot of stress when it does come time because you will be prepared. When you know what you have and where it is, you can rest easy, especially when kids are stressed out over their first day back to school.

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