August 2006: The Benefits of Getting Organized

Have more time. Imagine everything is in its’ place where you can find it! You are not wasting time looking for your keys, clean clothes etc. Imagine getting out of the house on time in the morning. Imagine arriving early for an appointment/interview with time to organize your thoughts. Imagine time to play with your kids or time to pursue your dreams and hobbies. It is possible when you are organized!

Be more productive. If you could get out from under you could do more – make sense? If you spent less time looking for things and scrambling around – you would have more time to do the things you want to do like go to the gym, work on a hobby, accomplish a task that you have been meaning to do but never seem to find the time. Every week choose an area that you want to organize and work at it for an hour.

Have more money. You could pull a home cooked meal out of the freezer in the morning instead of picking up take-out on your way home from work. Shop weekly instead of daily and save money. When you don’t have to buy duplicates of things you can’t find – When you don’t have to pay late fees on videos, library books and bills. When you take advantage of early bird specials rather than paying the regular rate when registering early - You will have more money!

Reduce guilt. Wouldn’t it be nice to live guilt-free? Missed birthdays, that condolence card you meant to send out and never did will be a thing of the past. Buy cards and stamps in advance and always have them on hand.

Eliminate stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the house and drive the speed limit and not feel like your heart is in your throat and you are ready to scream? Wouldn’t it be nice when you come home from work, school etc. to walk into a well organized home that is a relaxing, inviting haven rather than a chaotic mess you wish you didn’t have to deal with.

Have peace of mind. Having more time, being more productive, saving money, reducing guilt and stress are some of the many benefits of being organized. Get ahead of the game instead of always feeling behind. The time to get organized is now!