May 2006: Tips for Selling your Home

Spring is in full bloom and at this time of year we see many front lawns adorned with For Sale signs. Real estate experts tell us that the way we show a house is very different from the way we live in one. They say that a prospective buyer must picture themselves and their stuff in your space and therefore one must depersonalize their home as much as possible. Below I have provided some tips to help you put your house’s best foot forward.

1. Get rid of the clutter (don’t have piles of junk hanging around). If you really don’t have time to deal with it now, box it and store it.

2. Wash curtains or blinds. Replace them if outdated or torn.

3. Shampoo rugs. Wash or paint walls.

4. Make minor repairs (fix leaky taps, holes in the walls).

5. Show the home when other family members are out (e.g. when kids are at school). People are more likely to take their time to look around when they feel like they are not intruding.

6. Remove worn or tattered linens and bedspreads. Make sure beds are made at all times. Make them as soon as you get up and that way if a last minute visitor shows up to view the house, you know they are made.

7. Make sure the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. Make sure sinks are shining and countertops clear at all times. No dirty dishes in the sink!

8. Do not have piles of shoes and coats in the front hall. Remember the front hall is the first area of the house prospective buyers will see. You want your home to have a spacious, calm feel to it.

9. Don’t forget about the closets. Buyers will want to see storage space and if it’s overflowing with clutter, then they will think storage is lacking.

10. Don’t forget about your garage! Make sure that your belongings are stored in nice storage bins with lids and neatly stacked on shelves. Bicycles and sporting equipment should also be kept neatly in a corner.

11. Remember the outside of your home is the FIRST thing potential buyers see. Make sure the grass is cut and garden is weeded. If it’s winter, make sure the walkway is clear. The outside of your house should be in good repair.

12. A home stager can provide tips on how best to arrange your household furnishings making your house more appealing to a prospective buyer. Studies show that homes that are staged sell more quickly and at a higher price.

If you don’t have the time, energy or expertise to get the job done, call me. I can help and save you time and money at the same time!