July 2007: Moving

Moving homes can be a challenge, and even seem an overwhelming task for some people. There is so much to plan and organize – very often possessions and furniture accumulated over many years must be sorted through, and decisions made as to whether to keep them and move them to the new home or dispose of them efficiently.

There is no need to go through this process alone. Long time Oakville residents Gail Jeffries and Sylvia Christie, partners in Relocation Planning Services (RPS), founded their company for the sole purpose of providing a seamless transition for their clients moving from one location to another.

Their services are provided well in advance of the moving day, and also include assistance with organizing the home after the move has occurred. The list of services that can be provided is comprehensive and generally a customized plan is developed that suits the needs of each individual client. The services that can be provided include:

  • Preparing the home for sale, by helping to decide which possessions should be kept. This will include assessment of the space available in the new home. For any items being disposed of, RPS can assist with their sale, donation or disposal as appropriate.

  • Packing the entire contents of the home ready for the moving company on moving day.

  • Providing access to trustworthy resources such as auctioneers for valuable items such as antique furniture, rare books, vintage clothing and jewelry.

  • Assistance as required on the actual moving day.

  • Unpacking belongings and general organization of the home in the new location.

The philosophy behind RPS is to provide a comprehensive service that will transform your moving experience into one that is stress free.

Many of Gail and Sylvia’s clients are seniors, who need to downsize after many years in the family home. Homeowners are often reluctant to rely on their families to assist with the move, knowing that they all have busy lives and their own families to look after, and have little time to devote to the move. They find it very reassuring to be able to turn to another resource for help.

Another area of expertise for RPS is estate clearances. They will work closely with lawyers and bereaved families to sort through the contents of the home and help with the emotional task of preparing it for resale.

Moving Tips from Relocation Planning Services

  • Start the process early

  • Book a mover as soon as you know when you are moving. The least expensive time to book is midweek in the middle of a month.

  • Attack the larger areas such as garages and basements in the same manner. Inevitably there will be items to be disposed. This will require a trip to the local landfill site, or in the case of a large amount, a disposal company may have to be called in.

  • Go to the post office for change of address cards. Notify the following people: bank, credit card company, utility companies, lawyer, doctors, dentists, schools, subscriptions to magazines, newspapers etc.

  • If you are doing the packing yourself, start in areas where you are not using items on a daily basis.

Remember that by following some of the above tips, you can make a stress free transition to your new life.

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