June 2007: The Maids Home Services

The Maids Home Services

There is no time like the present to renew and refresh your home with a deep cleaning. Use the following tips from THE MAIDS Home Services for a new beginning and to restore your home to clean:

Vacuum Furnishings – You might vacuum your floor regularly but what about your home furnishings? Take the time to vacuum your upholstered furniture and cushions. Dust and dander can collect and be a real pain to allergy sufferers. Keeping furniture clean prolongs the life and look of your home furnishings.

Vacuum mattress – Dust, dander and dust mites build up in your mattress. Vacuum your mattress using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This draws air through the mattress and unsettles dust and dirt.

Clean Shower Head – Remove mineral deposit clogs from metal shower heads by boiling the head with ½ cup white vinegar and one quart of water for 5 minutes. Unclog plastic shower heads by soaking in a hot water and vinegar mixture.

Clean Vents and Registers - (Don’t forget your refrigerator vent too) – Dust and dirt quickly collect in registers and air vents and can circulate into your air unless cleaned. For regular cleaning, vacuum using brush attachment. For a thorough clean, remove metal vents from wall and wash in warm soapy water, dry and put back into place.

Clean Range Hood – To release trapped grease and odors, wash range hood and fan with warm water and vinegar then rinse well. Remove the metal filter out, soak in warm water, vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish detergent, then rinse well before replacing.

Are you too busy to have your home as clean as you would like? For a continuous clean with regular service or that one time project, THE MAIDS Home Services will provide you with the highest quality cleaning available. We are dependable, affordable and completely professional in our approach to cleaning. Our courteous, uniformed team will clean your home quickly efficiently and safely. All The Maids employees are screened, bonded and trained to do the kind of job that you would do yourself if you had the time.

Our patented Back Pack Vacs with HEPA filtration can capture up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants. They can even capture particles down to 1/210th of the diameter of a human hair for a deeper, healthier, longer lasting clean.

Testimonial: “I used The Maids Home Services and was very impressed with every aspect of the experience. They showed up when they said they would and their efficient, professional team thoroughly cleaned my house from top to bottom. They washed my kitchen floor on their hands and knees with a scrub brush! They even cleaned my microwave oven with a toothbrush! It has never been that clean! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great house cleaning! I will definitely be calling them again!” - Alison King

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The Maids Home Services

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