May 2007: Top 10 Time Management Tips

  1. Start planning the night before (put gas in the car, charge your cell phone, glance at your agenda, use map quest to find your client’s home or office.

  2. Leave a few minutes early. (That way if you hit traffic or you need to fill up your gas tank or want to grab a coffee you will have time. Nothing makes a worse impression on people than being late for an appointment.

  3. Plan out your day (even if it’s a rough draft – meeting a.m., phone calls p.m., filing etc).

  4. Do the most important tasks first (If you know no matter what you need to do today it’s call a client, then get that out of the way so you don’t forget).

  5. Carry around an agenda and/or notepad to keep notes as you think of things you need to do or if you have a great idea you want to jot down.

  6. Use your email rather than picking up the phone if you want to avoid getting stuck chatting with a client/colleague.

  7. Don’t let other people’s agendas sidetrack you. If you get an unexpected call or a drop in – let them know that you would love to catch up with them but today is not a good today because you have a proposal you need to complete. Schedule a time that’s convenient for both of you.

  8. Have a place for everything on your desk and put everything in its place. By keeping certain files, supplies etc. in the same spot, you can manage if you get a call from a client and you need to access their file. If you need a pen to jot down a phone number – it’s nice to have one handy.

  9. Create a paper flow system that works for you. If you like to work with the traditional in-box and out-box, then go for it. If a vertical file holder with your current files in it works better, then use that. Whatever system you choose, stick with it and use it.

  10. Clean up your desk at the end of the day so you will know where you are going tomorrow.