October 2007: Reclaim Your Garage …

More than a makeover, it’s a garage TAKEover

Article by John Thomas, Garagepower Inc.™

Imagine your garage without clutter, with all your items neatly organized to actually help with the activities in your life! … gardening, car care, woodworking, storing sports equipment and more. Where it takes mere seconds to find what you’re looking for. Where you are surrounded by attractive walls, cabinets and flooring – a very welcoming sight to come home to. Garagepower Inc™ has helped hundreds of people reclaim this valuable part of their homes with personalized Takeovers. We create garages that really work. And which beautify and enhance one's lifestyle.

Garage Trends over the last century:
  • 1910-1930 - Detached garages become more prevalent in neighborhoods. Detached buildings are to protect houses from the occasional car fire
  • 1930 – 1965 – Building codes permit single attached garages to be built.
  • 1954 – 1979 – The automatic garage door opener is introduced and becomes widely implemented
  • 1968 – 1991 – The two car attached garage becomes a common design element in new homes.
  • 1992 – The triple car garage adds luxury and space

Garagepower Inc. helps homeowners transform their garage futility into garage utility. Often working in tandem with professional organizers, we have the right team and products to help everyone discover the "power of their garage" and the stress relief it brings.

After carefully researching garage organizing systems made from plastic, from particle-board, and from metal, I chose to offer my customers the premium Gladiator™ brand of cabinetry and wall storage systems made by Whirlpool Corporation. Simply because it's the best long-term value for the money!

The durable heavy-gauge, scratch and corrosion resistant metal cabinets and shelving are the best solution for the temperature extremes experienced in every garage. It’s so durable it has a Lifetime Warranty which you can trust. And you can take it with you to every home you ever own. The unique silver treadplate cabinet doors and black frames also look terrific. To quote several customers, “being organized never looked so cool!”

Safety in the garage is important too. This system's slat-wall and tool hooks have a patented double-lock channel design to help prevent the hooks from being inadvertently knocked off the wall. This also helps prevent accidental damage to vehicles in a garage!

To complete any garage Takeover we also have commercial-grade PVC inter-lock floor tiles -- in grey, black or exciting colours -- which protect garage concrete floors, keeping them looking great much longer than paint or epoxies.

Famous Garages
  • William R. Hewlett and David Packard spawned the high-tech industry on the West Coast in 1938 in Hewlett’s 12’ X 18’ garage adjacent to his rented home in Palo Alto, California.
  • Moving from the Midwest to Hollywood in 1923, Walt Disney moved into his Uncle Robert’s home where he struggled to make ends meet. At his uncle’s urging, Disney set up a camera stand in the garage to create animation.
  • In 1976, Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak started Apple Computer in the Jobs’ family garage in Los Altos, California. An old, wooden bench served as the assembly station for computers to be built. The garage soon became Apple’s manufacturing plant and shipping department.

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