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6 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Schedule

It seems these days, time is at a premium. Whether you work outside of the home or you manage your household full-time, none of us have as much time as we might like. How do you fit exercise into such a schedule? Here are 6 easy ways:

1. Make it at priority!

Be at your best by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. You’ll have more energy for your kids so you’re able to get through your chores, play with them at the park and have energy left over after you put them to bed.

Pick a time of day where there is little chance that “something” will come up. Many parents choose time in the morning, nap-time or after their kids go to bed as their best time to workout. Schedule your workout time in like any other appointment and then you’ll be sure not to miss!

2. Keep it simple

Walking is a fantastic form of physical exercise, and many people refer to it as their time to reflect on their life. It’s easy to do, just walk out the door with your kids in a stroller and you’re all set. We have many trails throughout Oakville that make walking/hiking very accessible.

3. Join a gym that has daycare or have a neighbourhood teen watch the kids for an hour a couple of times per week

This was a lifesaver for me as a new mom and now with my very busy schedule! It allows me to have an hour of worry-free time every day to do cardio and/or resistance training while my child is being well cared for. There are several options in Oakville, so check it out. If you train at home, the kids will love having a neighbourhood teen come over and visit. It could be the best $10 you’ve spent all week!

4. Find a buddy

Do you have a friend who would like to improve her fitness level or who has a weight loss goal? Look around for a partner because studies have shown that people who start an exercise program with someone else to be accountable stick with it longer and enjoy more success.

5. Keep it short

It’s quite possible to do an effective workout within 30 minutes. Choose activities like skipping, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, the plank, etc. that get your heart-rate up and strengthen several muscle groups at a time. See the handout for specific exercises.

6. Set a SMART goal

Is there something that you would like to accomplish?

Set a Goal that is:

► S-pecific
► M-easurable
► A-ttainable
► R-ealistic
► T-imely

You may want to participate in a family fun run for the local hospital, or set a performance goal for yourself to be able to run 5 or 10K. Perhaps you’d like to be able to hike along the Niagara Escarpment or to complete a certain number of push-ups in a row. Choose your goal, set your plan and then go for It!

Have fun!

By Sarah Mulaner
Owner, Imagine Fitness.

Sarah has been a Certified Personal Trainer since ’95 and enjoys motivating clients with all sorts of goals and fitness aspirations. Her dynamic personal training business spans Oakville, Mississauga, the GTA and throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Sarah has completed many 10K races as well as half-marathons and excels in teaching boot camp classes and seasonal clinics both indoor and out. Her fitness website is and she can be reached at