July 2008: Storage – An Option to Consider

I have never been a big fan of storage facilities and one of the reasons is because as an organizer my job is to help my clients de-clutter their homes and teach them not to procrastinate. So putting articles in storage as opposed to organizing them seems a cop out. I have seen these facilities popping up all over and I kept wondering who stores their stuff there and why. I didn’t get it.

Recently, I met with a client - let’s call her Jane - who informed me she was planning a party for her husband’s birthday (let’s call him Joe) and had invited 100 people. Now I had met with Jane six months prior and told her that sometimes it’s necessary to set a goal and then make it happen. I didn’t really mean plan a party in such a short time frame, though! The party was less than two weeks away and the house needed some serious de-cluttering and organizing. At the same time, Jane decided to move her son’s bedroom from the basement to one of the upstairs bedrooms and take all the stuff from the office upstairs and move it into the basement. You can imagine what a big task this was, with not much room to maneuver. And if the weather wasn’t going to cooperate there could be 50 to 100 people inside a cluttered yet homey nest.

Jane had the solution. “We’ll put everything in storage”. So she asked me take her to investigate Access Storage. I was very pleasantly surprised when we arrived. If you have visited Access Storage in Burlington, you sense a real positive difference that is truly client focused.

Access Storage opened officially in Burlington in Fall 2007 and has become a very attractive blue and grey fixture conveniently located at 4305 Fairview Avenue between Walkers Line and Mainway. The centre itself is a contemporary two floor 80,000 square foot structure with storage convenience paramount in its development.

  • Functionality: All sizes of well maintained storage units are available in a climate controlled setting with outdoor access via well equipped loading docks on both floors with the second floor accessible by a drive up ramp for your convenience.

  • Security and Access: This centre is truly leading edge with 24/7 access via personal security code along with individually alarmed units for your protection, all watched around the clock by the 32 cameras that survey the inside and outside of the property.

  • Customer Service: This is a point of pride and commitment for Access Storage. The staff is well informed and very accessible with appointments taken for traditional “off hour” transactions such as Sundays etc.

Jane and I were very impressed by what we saw and so went back home to discuss with Joe. He was onboard with this storage idea since the invitations had already been sent out and there was no turning back. When we returned to sign the contract, we met with the manager, Ron Lambert, and he was really helpful and personable and made us feel welcome. He even helped us in with some of the stuff we had packed up. Now I call that customer service. We returned to the UPS store (which shares space with Access Storage) a few times to purchase some packing materials and the staff were really kind and helpful.

We packed and hauled many more items including VHS tapes, DVDs, games, clothes etc. We made several trips to the storage facility which was a breeze with their pass code system and their ramps. I was a storage facility convert! Who knew?

Jane pulled the party off with the help of her children and some friends and over 60 people came and enjoyed. Joe was thrilled to have all of his friends and family around to celebrate his special day. The weather started out nice but soon it began to pour. Luckily, we had de-cluttered and stored lots of items because there wouldn’t have been room for Jane and Joe and all their guests! A good time was had by all!

The moral of the story – Set a goal – make it happen and if it’s not a realistic goal contact Access Storage (905-632-6886)

Don’t worry - I have a commitment from Jane that we will go through the items in storage and get them (or some of them) back in the house before the snow falls.