March 2008: Feng Shui in your Office

Your office should provide a comfortable and supportive environment while you work. By using the Chinese art of Feng Shui you can revitalize your space in a natural way, and bring more balance and efficiency to your work space.

Feng Shui plays an important role in your productivity in your office. You may be CEO of a large corporation, an entrepreneur working from home, or your desk may be just a place where you manage your personal finances. In any case, your desk and office are vital parts of your financial success.

Everything in your office has the potential to affect you. Good energy flow has a measurable effect on your health, relationships with your co-workers, and prosperity. Following Feng Shui principles is a powerful way to improve your working environment.

Don’t sit with your back to the door. This can create a feeling of insecurity and sensing that someone is stabbing you in the back. Try to position yourself so you are sitting facing the door. If you must sit with your back to the door, place a small mirror on your desk or computer so you can be alerted to someone who enters the room.

Try to position your desk so you sit facing the door. You will be able to see someone as they enter your office. This is considered the “command position.”

Choose a desk that is solid, not made of glass, to give your work stability.

Keep your desk free of clutter. If you have a cluttered desk you will also have a cluttered mind and will be unable to focus on your work. This is essential if you work from home because personal papers can pile up in your work environment. If you need help with this call in an expert to help you set up an organizing system for your files.

Place special accessories on your desk that make you smile, and personalize the desktop on your computer. It is important to create an inspiring environment where you work. If you place photos of your family or pets or positive affirmations where you can see them, you will create positive Chi.

Is your office in the South? From now until February 2009 is the Year of the Rat. All buildings have negative energy in the South sectors, and if this is the location of your office it is important to remedy this energy to prevent blockages and challenges in your business. Remove anything representing the fire element, which is red, burgundy, pink, coral, purple, or triangular shaped. Play piano music to calm this energy, or if you have a chiming clock move it to this part of your home.

If your office is in the East you can activate wealth energy with a small fountain or citrine this year.

By utilizing the power of Feng Shui, you can activate positive energy in your workplace and enjoy more balance and harmony with your coworkers or family members.

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