October 2008: Organizing your Photos: by Mary Panetta

Organizing your home is great and you get an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you do. What about all those priceless photographs, stuffed in shoeboxes, jammed in drawers, or lost on your computer’s hard drive? What good are those photos, if you can’t find them? Everyone takes pictures, it’s our life stories. It’s all we have to preserve the past apart from our memories. From Thanksgiving to Homecoming, your first date to your first bundle of joy...this is your life, the ups, the downs, the traumas and the triumphs all make up who you are.
Organizing your photos is not as hard as you think! Think outside the box that is your shoebox! Our power sort box helps you organize your photos: sort by theme, year, friend or family member. Power sort is the solution to years of scattered family memories. It allows you to get organized, holds 2400 photos in one box!

How do I tackle the digital shoebox? The good thing about digital photography is taking as many photos as you want. The bad thing is dealing with all those photos later. Use Memory Manager 2.0 Software to easily organize, cross-reference and fine-tune your photos so they’re ready for your next project when you are.

What are the benefits of organizing your photos? Imagine how pleased family and friends will be when they drop by at Christmas and they can flip through the pages and see pictures from your cruise or your daughter’s wedding or a block party. They are not just boring photographs but are now transformed into your life’s story. Adding your own personal touch with funny captions has brought these photos to life.

Even if you don’t have time for scrapbooking now, at least organize your photos either by date or occasion or subject. That way if you do want to put together a photo album or have a picture framed or the kids need a picture for a project, you will be able to find them without rifling through drawers or shoeboxes!

Life gets busy, so we’ve created some tools to help you prioritize your activities and schedule the things in life that are most important to you.

Enjoy your photos and share them with others- after all isn’t that why you took all those pictures in the first place?

Get organized!!! I can help!

Your life/your story/your way

Mary Panetta
Creative Memories Consultant