April 2009: Spring Checklist for Your Home

*Practical tips from a professional handy-woman to get your home ready for the upcoming season

  • Remove air conditioning covers

  • Turn on inside valve (that was hopefully shut off for winter) for all your exterior water taps

  • Spray down your air conditioning unit with a garden hose to remove any debris and have unit serviced by a professional prior to its first use

  • Clean gutters of leaves and debris

  • Change furnace filter-confirm the direction that the filter goes in the unit, there is a right and wrong way normally indicated with an arrow on the filter

  • Change ceiling fans in opposite direction, the blades should now be rotating clockwise to push air down

  • Check for burnt out bulbs on exterior of your home at garage doors and over front and side doors

  • Check batteries for smoke detectors, consider replacing with a new unit if the date/label says it is 10 years or older

  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors as well as expiry date on any fire extinguishers

  • Clean out dryer vents of any build up of lint

  • Walk around exterior of your home and check for damage or indication of loose shingles, bricks or eavestrough. Winter winds can be extremely tough on our homes. Repair these items sooner rather than later. Waiting could potentially cost thousands of additional dollars in the end.

  • Check out gas barbecues prior to first use. Check for evidence of spiders or rodents that might have made it a nice home for winter.

  • Get your lawn mower serviced for its first use

  • Replace worn weather-stripping around all exterior doors, take a sample of the old weather-stripping to match with the new one as there are many options to pick from but not all are used for the same purpose.

Miss Fix It
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Mary-Catherine is a home renovator in the Waterdown area. She enjoys looking after customers needs. She receives her biggest praise sometimes for the smallest jobs because customers appreciate her honesty and ability to get the job done quickly. In the past she has been part of completing large and small projects from basement renovations, building decks to everything including installing the kitchen sink. Now is the time to take advantage of the new government rebate for home repairs.