Thanks to Time to Get Organized I am now able to operate at a much higher level of productivity. It is my opinion that your services easily paid for themselves after the first month of implementation.

I would recommend your organization to anyone that is looking to improve effectiveness and productivity levels.

-- Peter Simpson, CMA

I thought it high time I wrote you thanking you for your unwavering support in providing what I consider to be exceptional and professional service in organizing and coordinating the packing and removal of the contents of my old home to my new home.

The obvious pride you take in the delivery of your Organizing, Time Management and Clutter Control Services was immensely helpful and a task that was carried out in such a tight time frame.
Providing me with nourishment on the days you were working on the premises was taking the phrase “going the extra mile” to the limits.

-- Aileen Moul

P.S. I would appreciate you giving me a call in the New Year as it is time to tackle the last of the clutter control, namely my garage.



Alison, What a difference a change can make!

For seven years, we were unable to work inside our garage due to all the stuff. It just kept building up! We had no place to store anything properly, no shelves to put things on. I just had enough; it was time to do something. After you helped me organize my office to function better, you inspired me to do our garage also. As you noted, we were storing items horizontally when we should have been storing them vertically.
It was your knowledge and experience that kept me from getting rid of stuff until my husband had a chance to review; he was very impressed with that alone. 
You were a real professional throughout the event, you never once tried to force me to get rid of an item I was not ready to get rid of, I thank you. We are both very pleased with the results. Your expert advice on storage and shelving was great. You also researched information on the internet for me and got more ideas that we will be using to keep us organized both now and in the future. 
Thank you again, for all your assistance, you were there to encourage me, pick me up and head me forward! Thank you for bringing your team of workers. we could not have done all this without you and them.